The ASVSA Association for research on Viable Systems was created with the aim of disseminating the results of research and stimulate the interest and participation of an increasing number of researchers attracted and intrigued by the conceptual trends of Viable System Approach and more generally of systems thinking.

Memorandum and articles of the Association

Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence Luca Quagini Business intelligence e knowledge management. Gestione delle informazioni e delle performance nell'era digitale

Business Intelligence Paolo Pasini Sistemi Informativi Direzionali

Business Intelligence Davenport T.H., Harris J.G. Competing on Analytics

Business Intelligence Dulli Susi - Furini Sara - Peron Edmondo Data warehouse. Teoria ed esercizi

Business Intelligence Davenport, T.H., Harris J.G., Morison R. Analytics at Work

Business Intelligence Turban E., Aronson J., Sharda R. e Delen D. Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems

Business Intelligence POLESE, F. Government: Value, Processes And Networks

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